Big Anxiety Festival wins best event in Australia
PTW Architects congratulates the inaugural Big Anxiety Festival on recently winning the best event in Australia. Led by UNSW and the Black Dog Institute this innovative festival was founded on research and celebrated the interplay between arts and science to promote our understanding of mental health and well- being. We commend Professor Jill Bennett (UNSW Arts & Design) on her artistic and executive leadership. Professor Fang Xu, Adjunct Professor & PTW Executive Director Diane Jones and PTW’s team guided the students design of the creative ‘pods’ for the schools. The pods were created to raise awareness for mental health and create a meditative space for children. PTW acknowledges the probono contribution of Growthbuilt, D’Ambrosio Consulting and the support of the NSW Minister for Mental Health, Women and Ageing in developing the prototypes for location in Penrith Public School and Ingleburn High School. For further information: