Design Led Innovation

The imaginative, strategic and spatial capacity of architectural design underpins PTW’s approach to project, process and practice innovation.

The founding partners Peddle, Thorp and Walker embedded in the practice a pioneering disposition and attitude to innovation and internationalisation – to seeking out new ideas, efficiencies, systems and adoption of technology.

For every PTW proposal, feasibility and project, listening carefully to a client’s aspiration is in interplay with spatial thinking, context analysis, insight and community interests, as well as pragmatic imperatives. Incorporating evidence – based knowledge and relevant research keeps this interplay responsive and agile to new possibilities.

In this active, open approach to design, team’s work collaboratively with leading experts and consultants to share ideas and strategies; thoroughly test options using sketches, drawings, prototypes, digital and physical models to delineate key principles that will differentiate, contribute and add value to a project.

A structured review approach guides the process of realisation for every project. We are committed to ensuring design excellence and quality service in all our projects. Peer design reviews and office presentations are regularly held at differing stages of the design brief, concept, development, documentation process. Project documents undergo audit checks with specialist staff and post project reviews are held to reflect on lessons learnt and actions for change and improvement.