Project: Vessel, Hudson Yards, New York
Architects Heatherwick Studio
Image credit: Forbes Massie Studio
For time lapse video of construction:
Visiting Sydney from New York, Thomas Scarangello (Chairman) and Ray Daddazio (President) of the global engineering practice Thornton Tomasetti shared their insights on how the firms’ commitment to innovation and partnership advances creativity, cutting edge design and drives the firms strategic and business goal direction across its ten practices. In pioneering digital tools for modelling, simulating and analysing large complex systems, Thornton Tomasetti is excited by opportunities for cross fertilisation with bio-medical science and digital health. Co -hosted with our specialist consultant engineering colleagues Inhabit Group and introduced by Deputy Manager Shawlon Hsieh, this forum talk reminds us that seeking solutions to design issues with an imaginative rather than habitual approach is a great incubator for invention.