One Central Park Mirror installation
SKY GARDEN AND HELIOSTAT REFLECTOR Exclusive to Tower East Sky Penthouse residents [levels 29-33] is access to the ‘Sky Garden’ via the ‘Red Sky Bridge’ on level 29. Suspended approximately 100m above ground floor and cantilevering out approximately 20m from the North West facade of the East Tower, the sky garden offers a unique ‘back yard’ experience at altitude. Penthouse owners can enjoy 360 degree views across Sydney whilst lounging in the spa, barbequing a snag with friends or simply relaxing in the shade on the manicured lawns under the 3 resident Hibiscus, NZ Christmas  and Olive trees. Cantilevering a further 20m from the South West corner of the sky garden, 94 m above ground level the heliostat reflector frame carries approximately 500msq of mirrors. These fixed mirrors are arranged into several different clusters designed to specifically target pre-determined areas at ground and podium levels across blocks 2 and 2A. The 40 sun tracking heliostat mirrors measuring 4msq located on L17 roof of the West Tower 63m above ground floor are designed to follow the suns path throughout the day and reflect the light up onto the fixed mirrors on the underside of the reflector frame and down on to the areas below, enhancing the area overshadowed by East and West Towers to the south of One Central Park. The desired effect aims to evoke the experience of walking under a tree canopy with soft dappled filtering through. The design proposes to enhance the experience of the shaded areas.