PTW Architects is a proud sponsor of the 2018 UNSW Computational Design Degree Research Conference. A partnership model guides students’ connection to industry interests, concerns and challenges, framed as research questions. Investigating Mixed Reality is a key area of interest to PTW and with pleasure we hosted CoDe students Aron Sheldon and Daniel Camacho in our office throughout 2018. Guided by PTW Computational Design Lead,Tiara Dobbs (CoDe (Honours) 2017) Aron and Daniel's research was focused on exploring: the use of voice recognition to control elements in an augmented environment; characteristics of haptic technology in virtual technology and using force feedback to imitate real world objects. The research project aims to enhance the usability and experience for architects especially during the design review process and client interface/communication of design intent. The team is currently undertaking further testing and development, with implementation to PTW (and beyond) expected early 2019.