PTW-curated ‘Stories of home’ exhibition | 2016 Sydney Architecture Festival
With a long association of architectural practice in Sydney, PTW Architects presented the ‘Stories of home’ exhibition at this years’ Sydney Architecture Festival, which showcased residential apartments as a delightful and imaginative place to live. As Sydney’s population is set to reach 6, 000, 0000 by 2036, type of dwelling is set to become an important part of Sydney’s architectural fabric. While residential apartments is not new to Sydney, PTW’s experience in the design of apartment buildings suggests a level of respect for this housing choice as accommodating a much broader social mix than previously considered. Residential apartments is the most sustainable way to live in our city and with the need for high-density housing, challenges and opportunities about placemaking are constantly being presented to architects and designers. Increasingly, PTW’s experience also suggests that the next generation of apartment buildings will not only rely on delivering a socially and culturally acceptable mix of apartments to cater for a range of social groups but will be underpinned by sound urban design analysis and sophisticated detailing. In the next generation of projects, our professional design skills will focus on the social process required to facilitate a healthy and sustainable community. As our city continues to grow, the way we design will need to change too. We as designers will be required to apply our professional skill in the design of great and intelligent places to live, allow each occupant to live safely, re-establish the street as a community focused civic space and consider the design of civic landscapes for inclusive use.  Written by Glenn Harper, Head of Urban Design (PTW Architects)