PTW is excited to announce a new and innovative structure
PTW is excited to announce a new and innovative structure. Eager to meet the challenges of an international market, we have recognised the talent and efforts of our team and invited new international talent to our group. We are delighted to present our Professional Executive, supported by the PTW Core Team. Our Professional Executive offer a broad range of skills encompassing architecture, urban design and interior design. In particular, we welcome Dr Ying Rao, to lead the PTW Urban Design team internationally. The PTW Core team is focussed on providing exemplar support to the business across the disciplines of Operations, Finance, Marketing and Human Resources. Our new structure and flexibility to meet market demands has resulted in significant growth in the practice. That growth, through well-considered talent acquisition enables us to provide even greater innovation and responsiveness coupled with years of experience and knowledge in delivery of successful project outcomes. We are proud to introduce this team to you, and look forward to working with you into the future, as PTW enters a new generation of design excellence and professional service