PTW Promotions
We are pleased to announce our promotions which recognise the excellence, commitment and potential of key staff. Congratulations to (left to right from top): Andrew Fielding (Senior Architect), Ann Yang (Architect), Troy Andronicos (Senior Interior Designer), David Wang (Senior Project Professional), Jessie Yang (Senior Project Professional), Lin Qian (Senior Project Professional), Minh Nguyen (Senior Project Professional), Vincent Ton (Senior Project Professional), Winnie Sheung (Senior Project Professional), Petre Petrovski (Project Professional – Model Manager), Charles Nguyen (Project Professional & 3D Artist), Sophie Pilati (Interior Designer), James Kim (Technician – Model Manager) and Emily Mataroria (Technician – Model Manager). Your ongoing contribution to our culture of innovation and excellence together with your valued project achievements and team commitment is greatly appreciated.