4-6 Bligh Street Competition

Bligh Street is currently characterised by minor urban spaces that create a disjointed urban experience. Although located in the heart of city, it lacks some of the traditional hotel attractants. Our design creates its own identity and will become a new focus to this part of the city.

Our proposal responds to the unique spatial character of this part of the city, where the collision of two misaligned street grids generates urban blocks of singular sculptural form.

At street level, our design proposes a forecourt ‘carved’ from the urban block to create a grand street address. Key hotel functions are located to take advantage of upper level views.

The expression of the podium and the tower is inspired by the fluted geometry of the Emil Sodersten City Mutual Life Assurance Building, extrapolating its filigree of vertical stone and glass elements into a crenelated pattern of folded ceramic screens. The same screens arranged through the base of the tower provide sun shading and privacy screening.

Consultants: PTW Architects in association with Collins and Turner and March Studio