Alexander, Barangaroo

The Alexander building marks the south-west corner of the Barangaroo development. It celebrates Sydney’s unique harbour side setting and mediates between the traditional scale of the Sydney waterfront and the high-rise commercial towers to the east.

The building has an active lofty 6m high ground floor with four distinctive apartment lobbies facing Globe Street amongst retail and food outlets which orientate to the active promenade waterfront creating private living in a public place.

All apartments are designed to optimise the attractive views to Darling Harbour with living rooms opening to generous balconies. The two storey rooftop apartments have private roof gardens while a communal roof provides amenity to all apartments.

The façade of the building consists of a permeable operable shutter system, articulated by planting elements creating the counterpoint to the facade. With two-thirds of the apartments cross ventilated and excellent solar access the apartments will be an exemplar of sustainable design and will have an important role in creating architectural richness and diversity at Barangaroo.

Alexander, Barangaroo Booklet