Art Gallery Society of New South Wales The Society Members’ Lounge

One of Australia’s largest private member organisations, the Art Gallery Society has undertaken a refurbishment of their rooms at the Art Gallery of NSW. The project demonstrates the Society’s commitment to renewal and was timed in conjunction with other major expansion works at the gallery.

A new entry orientation was established, all existing internal walls were removed and a new curved, irregular pod was created to house the office area. This pod delineates the main members’ space and allows the room to open ‘out’ as you approach the view. A new café was created, featuring a sliding door that conceals these facilities when not in use. Library and lounge were grouped together with a dramatic yet subtle ceiling feature, created from a series of coloured Perspex blades over the lounge. A key requirement of the space beyond the integration of the functions was attracting new members in the context of surroundings appropriate to the stature of the Art Gallery Society.