Beijing XiongAn Train Station

PTW was invited by CCDI (Beijing) and FSDI (XiAn) to enter a competition designing a hi-speed train station for the new Beijing city. The XiongAn New District is where all Beijing’s municipal functions will be located.

The program called for a station designed for 7 million annual commuters in 2025, increasing to 14 million in 2040. There are 9 platforms and 18 tracks. Platform lengths are 650 meters. Station gross area is 100,000 m2.

PTW Architects, together with Fernando Ibanez (Degree of Freedom, Valencia, Spain) and Bruce Wymond (Inhabit), addressed the great engineering challenge of suspending long-span roof elements from steel cables. This design allows sunlight to be filtered through the arches of Beijing XiongAn Train Station and distributes natural light across the concourse and platform.