Chateau, Castle Hill

Located just south of Castle Hill Showground, the site is well located within the context of Sydney’s public transport system, including proximity to the brand new Showground Metro Station and bus stops along Middleton Avenue with higher density of mixed commercial and residence uses to the north while to the south are low rise residential uses. These multi-dwelling apartments seek to improve the urban connectivity of the area by providing a new through site link and will be stepped in built form with lower building heights along south edge of the site integrated with communal open spaces.

This development comprises excavation for two and half basement levels and construction of 4 towers of part 9 / part 10 storey residential building blocks, has an opportunity for distant views including natural landscapes and/or distant city; creates vibrant, safe and desirable places, reinforces the garden character and lifestyle.

A total of 281 dwellings are proposed with an appropriate mix of one, two, three bedroom dwellings. The development seeks to provide a mix in response to the local demography and family types. A high level of efficient use of natural resources and material selection is sought within the development, positively influence internal and external amenity for residents and neighbours.

This proposal is one of the very first pioneer developments in the Showground Precinct which is taking a massive opportunity for increased density and building height as part of the North West link Corridor Strategy in accordance with the Showground Precinct Masterplan.