Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct

The Coffs Harbour Justice Precinct is located on a former NSW Forestry site on the northern edge of the Coffs Harbour CBD.

The precinct includes:
• Police Station – Full local area command facility with forensic services.
• Courthouse – Two local courts, two jury courts and a multipurpose courtroom with associated support facilities and custody areas.
• Site works – Verdant forecourt, kiosk and shared central plant.

The design was conceived to support and encouraged the role of government agencies in regional life and the Coffs Harbour Vision 2020 of a “Garden City” and ‘Rainforest by the Sea”.

The Courthouse design evolved in response to its pre-eminent role and responsibility to express the civic qualities of the precinct. The spaces are suitable for both the social and physical context (a semi-tropical regional centre) and rapidly evolving and expanding judicial rituals which take place in the presence of the public.
The Police Station is designed as an appropriately robust facility and a supportive environment for the men and women of the NSW Police Force. The highly geometric nature of the facade, derived from the pattern of the blackbutt tree, presents an orderly, safe, yet light-footed public image.