Hotel Neiburgs

This boutique hotel is the adaptive re-use of an art-nouveau apartment building built in 1904 by the grandfather of former PTW Director Andrew Andersons. This heritage registered building was designed by Wilhelm Bockslaff. The property was nationalised in 1940 during the occupation of Latvia by the USSR and returned to family ownership in 1992.

Extensive repairs were necessary to convert the building to its current 55 key four star rating. The majority of keys are one-bedroom apartments.

PTW worked with the local heritage architect and interior designers under the guidance of a detailed conservation management plan. Wherever possible surviving details, finishes, wall and ceiling paintings were conserved and the themes from the elements utilised in some new interior design elements. New glass elevators, air conditioning, and contemporary lighting have transformed the 110 year old building which is now equipped with conference rooms, restaurant, bar, library and health club.