Design competition won project for 325 residential units, with ground level retail and café offerings, configured within 7 buildings, some addressing a new publicly accessible park.

The project sits within Marrickville Council’s McGill Street precinct. The masterplan for which proposes redevelopment of former light industrial areas to provide new medium density accommodation and a revitalisation of the general area through provision of new active urban space.  Underpinning this area renewal is the newly extended passenger light railway located along the western side of both the precinct and subject site.

The new public park located within the site and along its southern alignment provides both pedestrian accesses to and from the new Lewisham light railway station and a place of recreation for both new and existing residents.

The architecture of the buildings draws inspiration from its local and adjacent context. To the west and south, these are the former and retained heritage industrial buildings and their unique character. To the east these are the heritage and finely grained one and two storey residential detached dwellings.