Multi Purpose Service (MPS)

PTW was commissioned to provide architectural consultancy services for seven Multipurpose Services (MPS) in southern NSW.

The MPS is an innovative social model which recognises the need to provide rural communities with a facility that is foremost a home for frail, elderly people (their ‘last’ home) and a place for community care and interaction (including emergency, acute and community health care). The primary community care wing is the ‘face’ of the MPS and of modern health.

PTW worked with the Barham Project User Group to clarify the functional relationships and key planning principles for the other six MPS in Stage 5 of the program. These principles included co- location of core clinical functions to allow staff to respond to all clinical areas with ease. This was achieved by moving away from the usual cellular approach to administration areas in state health facilities and was cited by Health Infrastructure’s Expert Reference Group as being the first stategy in five “rounds” of the MPS roll-out to achieve the objectives of the model brief. In addition to the design of the seven facilities, PTW prepared interior design guidelines.