Newington Apartments

PTW Architects in association with HPA Architect

PTW developed with HPA the total concept for the residential precincts, space and corridors and the development of design guidelines/controls for the Sydney Olympic Village.  PTW also coordinated the participation of 7 smaller design practices that were involved in the zero lot housing component.

PTW also designed one of the perimeter apartment blocks with HPA, Apartments 1A and 1B contain 36 apartments in total. The buildings occupy a prominent position in the continuous ribbon of apartment buildings that defines the edge of the village towards the major sporting facilities. The design of the buildings is dynamic with an articulated roofline and vigorous base to the buildings.

ESD features of the project include recycled materials, a dual water system that recycles grey-water, low maintenance landscaping and extensive use of thermal insulation. The design incorporates principles of passive solar design such as through ventilation in all apartments, minimal South facing glazing, large shaded North facing areas, deep balconies and vertical sun shading devices in the East and West. Active solar design such as of photovoltaic cells and solar hot water heating are also utilized.