No. 1 O’Connell Street Refurbishment

PTW were appointed to remodel and modernise the entrance lobby and ground level façade of the landmark Number 1 O’Connell Street office building they designed and completed in 1991.

A mezzanine floor plate has been removed to increase the height of the lobby and create a soaring new space.

The main feature of the interior is a backlit patterned glass ceiling, which consists of a series of stepped light boxes that illuminate the entire space. The original curved entrance was demolished and replaced with a new glazed façade either side of a bronze coloured portal frame entrance, which is marked with a cantilevered awning that hovers over the footpath.

Huge panels of clear glass have transformed the lobby into a space that is flooded with natural light.  The overall architectural approach is a clean and elegant style.

The final stage of works was the refurbishment of the wintergarden and adjacent food court, which included the installation of six new palm trees, new furniture, tenancy counters and the establishment of an urban connection between O’Connell Street and Spring Street.