O’Dea Avenue

2014 – COS Design Excellence Competition Winner

The PTW proposal suggests reserving a large part of the allowable DCP envelope to generate a significant garden halfway up the eastern side of the building, to improve the amenity of the residents while creating a cohesive urban form with an existing park nearby. This creates a very rational and efficient floor plate and optimum apartment numbers can be achieved, with excellent solar and cross ventilation results. The creation of a series of cascading landscaped areas allow the sense of the ‘park’ to carry into and over the proposed building. These landscape elements are used to articulate the different parts of the building and to create attractive landscaped courtyard entries. Landscape has also been used at a more detailed level through the use of planter boxes. The building forms have evolved in response to their circumstances, massive brick and sculptural on the busy southern corners and finer and with a more open texture to the north.  The third uppermost element is setback, sleek and lightweight by contrast.

Our design aims to complement and enhance the intent of the DCP.