With a focus on ideas and concepts, our approach to heritage projects is pragmatic yet flexible, accommodating expeditious timeframes.

Our approach demonstrates our acumen in delivering a comprehensive, rigorous and transparent process underpinned by scrutinized objectivity. This process recognises the evolution of complex and significant historic environments as sustainable settings involving active public places.

PTW Architects and their specialist consultants have proven depth of experience and success in the preparation of heritage studies and innovative implementation plans for challenging projects of scale and complexity.

PTW’s attitude towards heritage is holistic.

PTW brings a fresh approach. Through new technologies PTW synthetically maps the elements of place as an interactive context, informed by evolving social values with evidence of cultural and natural items.

PTW undertakes rigorous historic analysis

in evaluating the histories of place, the capacity to critically understand, identify, analyse, document and communicate heritage and natural values and their significance is a cornerstone of our approach.

PTW’s depth of experience in onsite conservation work is founded on technical knowledge

Our proven expertise in 19th and 20th century-built environments is demonstrated in our wide-ranging knowledge of material and building technologies.

PTW’s advocacy role is founded on leadership

Led by Executive Director Diane Jones and Senior Associate Glenn Harper our ongoing advocacy of Heritage is evident in the depth of our staff expertise: our role as expert witness in the NSW Land Environment Court, as a member of various heritage committees and appointment to the NSW Government Architect’s design review panel.