St Margaret’s Redevelopment

PTW+SJB Architects (PTW Architects in association with Synman Justin Bialek)

This project involved the redevelopment of a decommissioned hospital, including two historic buildings, on a site of 7,500m² in Surry Hills. Masterplanning was undertaken to achieve two urban design initiatives: the creation of an activated, sun-filled public space; and the establishment of pedestrian links to the surrounding urban fabric. After development more than 40% of the site area is public domain.

The European style piazza is activated by commercial, retail and community uses. The 5 buildings that surround this space are of distinctive architectural character to avoid an undesirable sense of ‘total site development’.

There are 210 apartments on the site with over 30 different ‘types’ each responding to the individual building’s architectural opportunities for outlook, natural ventilation and solar access.