WADAC (Jarrah House) Prince Henry at Little Bay

Residential rehabilitation centre for women and children, a facility that is unique in Australia

The design brief called for an environment that was gentle, quiet and supportive.  A safe and homelike atmosphere was identified as important in promoting healing and change in the residents’ wellbeing.  The team has endeavoured in all stages of the design process, from concept phase to implementation, to be respectful of the vulnerable client user group.  The design approach was an open process that was highly iterative, interactive and collaborative with the client.

The way that the spaces flow together and how views are gained from one space to another gives clients (both women and children) the feeling that they are being paid attention to and that others are part of their world, without throwing them together.

Barbara Rich (CEO, Jarrah House)

“Beyond Beige: improving architecture for older people and people with disabilities”
co-editors Diane Jones with Beverly Garlick and Guy Luscombe, RAIA 2008