Xi’An Olympic Stadium

PTW Architects in association with CCDI

The recently completed Xi’An Olympic stadium, designed by PTW Architects is to host the 14th National Games in 2021. The project includes a 60,000 seat stadium and warm-up field, 18,000 seat stadium and warm-up hall, 4,000 swimming diving hall three major stadium facilities and other services. The total site area is 520,000 m2.

As leaders in stadium design, PTW has embraced state-of-the-art technology in LED façade and integrated design. For special events, different lighting colours, patterns and movements can be programmed and due to the large number of LEDs the colour and intensity of the lights can be adjusted continuously.

The stadium is also an exemplar in sports infrastructure, with advanced technologies including 5G wireless communication and facial recognition integrated into the architecture to enhance the athlete’s performance and improve the audience’s experience.