Jiayur Hsu

Jiayur Hsu is an award-winning designer who has completed successful projects in Asia, Europe, and the United States over the past 20 years.

Her extensive experience in architectural design encompasses a wide range of building types including Culture, Sports, Mixed use, Transportation, Residential, Office, Retail, Entertainment facility. Whatever the building type of location, Jiayur brings to each design problem a keen eye for beauty combined with functionality that makes her work both elegant and practical. Moving beyond the technical solution, her design responds to the local character, maintain contextual harmony, and evoke in the users a sense of belonging. Ms. Hsu’s work is an example of integrity which reveals the poetics of architecture.

Prior to relocation to San Francisco, Jiayur was Design Director at CCDI NYC, where she won several complex facilities in her presentation to the design committee. Jiayur also has her own design practice in Washington DC, where she focused on high-end Ambassadorial residences, work for the Embassy of India, Museum of East Gallery, complex mixed use commercial work. In addition, Jiayur has held various design roles at well-known firms at earlier stage of her career including Michael Graves and Associates, & Architecture Resources Office, Ralph Rapson & Associates.