12 Hassall Street Competition Win

PTW has won the Design Excellence Competition for a new 60 storey tower at 12 Hassall Street in the Parramatta CBD, Burramatta-gal Country (a clan of the Darug people). The decision of the jury was unanimous.

In contrast to many neighbouring developments, this building is intended to be both tall and narrow - contributing an elegant vertical tower to the city precinct. The proposed scheme is designed to achieve a 5 Star Green Star rating and has integrated principles from PTW’s Reconciliation Action Plan, starting with an indigenous site analysis. As a result, its materiality reflects the natural tones of Parramatta’s rich indigenous history. It is intended to contrast with predominantly glazed/white buildings in the Parramatta CBD. The facades present a different expression to the north and south. The northern expression, which features the scar articulation, responds to the curved horizontal dynamism of the river to the north. The southern streetscape facade, presents a more textured and vertical urban expression.

Competition Team: PTW Architects

Client: Toplace Group