888 Bourke Street Winner of Design Excellence Competition
PTW is delighted to announce that its scheme was selected as the winner of the City of Sydney Design Excellence Competition for 888 Bourke Street, Zetland for Toplace Group. This site is located on the corner of Bourke St and O’Dea Avenue and is divided by a future new road. The difficult geometry of the site was resolved to create apartments with well-articulated brick façades, drawing cues from the surrounding industrial warehouse heritage context. The new curved street has inspired the curvature of all key corners of the proposed brick-banded buildings. The resulting two sinuous L-shaped streetwall buildings are visually connected via a proposed new east-west through site link. This new east-west pedestrian link connects two north-south public walkways beyond the subject site. The main street intersection has a double height café space at ground level, and the easternmost pedestrian intersection is provided with a generous communal space at ground level. Sunny rooftop open spaces with greened pergolas for shade, are provided for residents.   Pic credit: PTW original competition entry image