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PTW offers pathways for future recruits and opportunities to connect with the next generation of talented designers

University of NSW Built Environment Professional Placement

PTW is a partner of the UNSW Built Environment Professional Placement program.

This is offered as an elective course for undergraduate and postgraduate students. In addition to a placement, the academic requirements for the course require students to undertake employability modules, reflective tasks and a final report.

How long are students on placement?

Students complete 120 hours work part-time at PTW across one university term.

What type of work will the student need to undertake?

The placements offer authentic learning experiences to the student and incorporate meaningful learning activities with a clear purpose. The learning experiences offered are aligned to course learning outcomes and feedback given to a student related to these outcomes.

PTW is a NSW Government Education Infrastructure Traineeship Partner

As part of the NSW Government Education Infrastructure Traineeship Partner program, PTW provides students with valuable exposure to the whole ecosystem, understanding the important role of each party in the successful delivery of our public infrastructure. Trainees study 1-2 days per week to complete a Cert III or Cert IV in courses such as project management and procurement. They come from a variety of diverse backgrounds including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, those from diverse cultural backgrounds, and from both metro and regional areas.

Our commitment

1. Host trainees for an eight month rotation in roles aligned with their area of study

2. Provide a quality experience for trainees

3. Provide hardware/equipment (computer, mobile phone etc) as required for the role

4. Ensure trainees have support and mentorship

5. Ensure staff are accountable for their roles and responsibilities

6. Consult with the recommended Group Training Organisation

7. Provide information on future job opportunities within our organisation.

MADE @Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House, the NSW Architects Registration Board and the Danish Consulate with Arup and Steensen Varming have been running a 10 year multifaceted engineering and design exchange program. The idea of the program is to build an alumni of 100 collaborators over the ten years leading to the Opera House’s 50th anniversary in 2023 to explore design alongside Jorn Utzon’s philosophies and to grow a group of individuals across the globe who know and understand the Opera House in great detail.

PTW was selected to host the MADE NSW students for five weeks in 2022. PTW was also invited to participate and mentor the group of five Danish students in 2015 when they were hosted at Arup.

We have maintained our involvement with the program through giving master class lectures on collaboration techniques and design reviews.

Past Students

Janice Ma and Fahim Jalal have undertaken the Professional Placement undergraduate and postgraduate program in partnership with UNSW, which gave them the opportunity to apply the theory and skills learned while studying in a professional workplace. Hear more about their experiences in interviews with Supervisor PTW Executive Director Diane Jones.