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Walsh Bay Redevelopment

Walsh Bay, first named in 1918, was a port designed to handle the ‘modern’ cargo ship. By the 1970s, however, and with the relocation of the container ship to another part of Sydney, this historic maritime landscape was later transformed into a cutting-edge and mixed use performance precinct.

The redevelopment of Walsh Bay comprises the restoration and adaptation of its historic structures, including the construction of a new apartment block shaped to be like a wharf. Seeking to reinvigorated a historically important but disused part of Sydney Harbour, a masterplan was first developed to show how the likely conflict between a pedestrian focused public domain (with an activated waterfront) could operate alongside necessary vehicular and service access.

PTW is proud to be involved in this iconic waterfront project. Throughout its 135 years of continual architectural practice, PTW has successfully collaborated on many projects, including the redevelopment of Walsh Bay.

Architects: HPA Architects in association with PTW Architects
Client: Walsh Bay Partnership (a Mirvac / Transfield joint venture)
Image Credits in order of appearance: PTW Architects and Khanh Pham
Location: Gadigal Country, Walsh Bay, NSW, Australia