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TAO (AEO) Certification

PTW was delighted to welcome the TfNSW ASA group to its Sydney office in 2017 where the AEO Certificate (now TAO) was received with great pride.

During the ceremony and indeed the certification process, it became apparent that communication between organisations of diverse backgrounds is integral to success in the fast-moving transport sector.

PTW gratefully acknowledges the inspiration and team spirit shown by the NSW project consortia and industry partners as we established our own TAO capability during live projects.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate within the transport and other infrastructure sectors, with existing TAO partners and with the wider industry community.

Thank you to Luke Homann (Director Authorisation and Audit, ASA Department of TfNSW), Mark Smith (Director Industry and Technical Development, ASA Department of TfNSW), Oleg Bondarenko (Manager Authorisation, ASA Department of TfNSW), Matthew Rodgers (Authorisation Facilitator, ASA Department of TfNSW).