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Zhangjiagang Masterplan

PTW in collaboration with SCP Consultants, have been selected as the winning design scheme in competition for the future master plan of Zhangjiagang New City District.

July 2020, saw the completion and opening of the new Shanghai-Suzhou-Nantong Railway. Zhangjiagang has officially entered the Era of High-Speed. The new High-Speed Railway District with a total area of 44.2 square kilometers will move from planning to reality. Adjacent to the New High-Speed Railway station, an area of 1 square kilometer is to be developed into a new Administrative Cultural Financial District (ACFD).

Threaded together with the landscape, the new design proposal breaks the traditional architectural language of a Government Building into a series of stacked boxes, that represents the integration of the urban living room – Green spaces, public as well as private are an essential part of this new development, making the project both livable and accessible to everyone.

It takes the form of two new 100 meters twin towers to the north, and two cultural buildings to the south. Together they unite, creating a large public realm comprised of parks, plazas and bridges. All the buildings have green roof, extending the landscaped gardens into the buildings. Terraces is also to be integrated with green, to enhance the working conditions and promote the image of the new city district. These integrated gardens will echo the future of Zhangjiagang and become part of the character of this entirely new development.

Aerial View
Residential Tower


Zhangjiagang High Speed Rail New Area, Jiangsu Province, China


PTW Architects in collaboration with SCP Consultants


Zhangjiagang high speed rail Investment Development Co., Ltd