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AMP Building

Designed by Peddle Thorp and Walker, at 26 storeys, the AMP Building was the tallest building in Australia at the time of its completion in 1962 and the first building to break the 1912 Sydney Height of Buildings Limit of 150 feet.

The building incorporated office design and technological strategies that became the industry standard for the second half of the 20th century: curtain wall glazing, ducted air conditioning using sea water from the harbour, in-floor power and data, low brightness lighting and separate low and high rise passenger lifts.

This image captures Graham Thorp, Peddle Thorp & Walker partner in charge with AMP Executives reviewing a model of the proposed building while on public exhibition. The second image is a photograph of Maximo Ynchusti, who emigrated to Australia from Spain and began working as a plasterer on the site of the AMP in 1961.

Architect: PTW Architects
Image credits by order of appearance: PTW Architects, SMH, NAA A12111,1_1961_16_10
Drawings: PTW Architects
Location: Gadigal Country, Sydney, NSW, Australia