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Edison Xie

Business Development Manager


M.A. of Urban Planning


With M.A. of Urban Planning from University of Florida and B.Eng. from Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Edison Xie has been leading the business development team of award-winning design firms in mainland China ranging from architecture and interior design, to urban planning and landscape design, such as Design Workshop, Powerhouse Company, and Wilson Associates, etc. These interdisciplinary and cross-cultural experiences have equipped Edison with a broader vision towards architecture design industry, to provide comprehensive solutions for large and complex projects.

Edison participated in a series of China and U.S. city award-winning projects as well as marketing plans both domestically and internationally, including Chinatown streetscape design in Washington, D.C., 200th anniversary of the battle of New Orleans Park, Baton Rouge medical district design, Tengchong village historic preservation and Hangzhou Wanxiang Innova city. His working and living experiences in Beijing, New York, Austin and other cities of different types and scales have enabled him to promote cultural-sensitive and sustainable life styles in all levels of urban and resort development.

Now with his focus on hospitality, industry park and mixed-use projects in Asia-Pacific region, Edison contributes to PTW Architect’s continuous growth by promoting the firm and facilitating business development in diversified branding & PR strategies. His major project experience includes Yanjiao Haiquan Bay central park, Changsha JW Marriott, Kunming Green Lake hotel renovation, Yunnan Tonghai tourism planning, Shanwei Pinqing lake themed park, and Malaysia Yechiu headquarter, etc. The combined responsibilities and mutual engagement make Edison support the firm’s business development with a more effective and targeted BD & marketing approach.

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