256 Coward Street, Mascot

This mixed-use urban infill complex near Mascot Station aims to complement the recent and future neighbourhood character of the precinct.  There is a central podium-level courtyard shared by residents and by a private childcare centre. Street level is entirely for retail uses, with a continuous canopy, that rises to announce two double-height residential lobbies.

A simple composition is designed to contrast a formal/restful gravitas of the façade with the frenetic vehicular traffic on Coward St, while activating the new pedestrian through-site link through a green reserve leading to Mascot Central. This reserves’ open lawn is framed by deciduous trees and retail use, will provide a dynamic communal retreat for urban living.

A four-storey dark bronze horizontal podium continues the form of adjacent sites, while a pair of off-white precast concrete tower elements hover above, emphasising their vertical alignments.

Each glazed tower frame is separated by open balconies, whose recesses create a dark and contrasting vertical shadow line.   Vertical sunshade blades and projecting horizontal slab edges within the frames increase the scale into 2 and 3 storey divisions, thus ameliorating some of the relentless repetition found on other new facades nearby.

256 Coward Street comprises over 300 apartments ranging from single bed to three bedrooms. Primary attention is given to spacious and well-planned apartment layouts. Proportions have been adjusted to allow for optimisation of solar access and cross ventilation to the new residential components.