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Isola della Musica

The new Pearl of West Lake - the ‘‘Isola della Musica’’ - emerges from the surface of the water as a delightful vision in the landscape.
Isola della Musica comprises a 1,800 seat Opera Hall and a 1,000 seat Convention Hall, led by Renzo Piano Building Workshop with collaborating architects PTW. The Isola della Musica is situated on the existing border between West Lake and the Opera Lake as part of a wider urban masterplan.

Conceived via mathematical models existing in nature and not just as a formal gesture, the music venue emerges from the lake’s waters with its mother-of-pearl gentle shapes. The geometry of the shell is not arbitrary but is related to the functions and the volumes enclosed whereby the primary shell is covered by an outer skin, deployed as a rain screen.

The skin is made up of ceramic tiles of various sizes creating a pixelated effect while providing openings as required. The surface’s appearance will change in different weather and light conditions over the course of the day. The facility has been designed to accommodate varying programs and performances.

Inspired by nature
A new cultural landmark
Next generation of cultural venues to adopt a unique design approach
Sketch of Isola della Musica
3D Model Sections


Hanoi, Vietnam


Renzo Piano Building Workshop - Lead Architect

PTW Architects - Collaborating Architect

Arup Group - Structural Engineer

Image Credits

Courtesy of Renzo Piano Building Workshop