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Yichang Three Gorges Cruise Terminal

Three Gorges Cruise Terminal and the International Yacht Club and Marina was located in the Pinghu lake waterfront. The proposed development as a Tourist Precinct would incorporate characteristics of a riverside city of the Pinghu area of Yichang and highlight the unique natural beauty of the three gorges surrounds, whilst maintaining and ensuring ecological protection.

The Central Tourist Zone would become a “commercial tourist hub “adjoining the Three Gorges Cruise Center that would cater for the visitor tourist. The Pinghu Lake area and Peninsula formed the New Gateway at the entrance of the Three Gorges as a transportation Hub and tourist destination.

The site had a unique curvilinear “waterfront edge” dedicated to the public realm, stretching some 3 kilometres in length. Flanked by hills and mountains to the south and to the west of the central zone.

Masterplan - Aerial View
Cruise Terminal & Tourist Precinct - View From The Water
Cruise Terminal Scheme 1 - View From The Water
Cruise Terminal Scheme 1 - Arrivals Forecourt


Yichang, China


Yichang Transportation Group